Press Release

06 October 2017

"No device can generate energy in excess of the total energy put into constructing it".

A newly proposed law in Thermodynamics and claimed to be as fundamental as Gravity, is now opened for debate and validation.

Past fossil fuels abundance might have buried the potentially new law underneath vast crude reserves for the last two hundred years.

Farkad Al Wattar, a researcher at New Middle East Pty Ltd, who outlined his ‘One-way entanglement between isolated energies’ thesis in a newly published book titled, The Fifth Law, believes ‘the law should have come soon after Sadi Carnot coined the 2nd law of Thermodynamics back in 1824. That would have changed History’.

The thesis is thought easy to understand by the general public and it may prove one of the most fundamental natural laws for humans, equally common and just as important in day-to-day life as Gravity.

For physicists, scientists, technologists and researchers, the proposal claims Entropy intricately dictates the amount of energy required to construct an energy-generating device.

This results in a far-reaching constraint that limits how much useful energy a device can ever generate through its useful life.

Despite the only formula the proposal introduces is as simple as Eu < Em, short-enough to be seen printed on any T-shirt, Al Wattar believes the newly proposed relationship in physics could be ‘the harshest among all thermodynamics laws known to man’.

The book also proposes a 2nd-generation, self-growing renewable energy platform, the Sun Road, imagined to be built between what the renowned Stanford University Historian Ian Morris calls, the ‘lucky latitudes’, extending to Australia.

Sun Road is envisioned to re-establish Earth’s carrying capacity in post fossil fuels era, capable to provide all the energy required for the completion, initiation and empowering of Fusion Energy reactors, as well as the production of renewable liquid fuels necessary for transportation.

The book is the first-ever publication self-ranking itself as ‘the most read aboard Start Trek’s Enterprise spaceship’, an indication on how it may refuel a revisit to the theory of Society, Science, Technology, Economy, Philosophy, Politics, Literature and Arts in the wake of the discovery of the new law.

The proposal is effectively a demonstration of how first-generation self-funded Internet researchers have started lending hands in support for Science.

The book is available at: and


New Middle East Pty Ltd is Sydney, Australia based research and simulation software development company founded in 2008. The business is the proud sponsor of Al Wattar’s The Fifth Law, which is part of its Sun Road™ project.